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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs: What to Expect During Treatment?

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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs
Picture of Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Mohsin Ali, MD

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Mohsin Ali, MD

Dr. Mohsin Ali MD is board certified in Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Trained in Syracuse NY, he has worked in Tennessee for the last sixteen years.

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a common problem in the United States, with over 2 million people suffering from some form of addiction. While substance abuse disorder has no permanent cure, treatment can help break the addiction cycle. When opting for drug or alcohol addiction treatment, it is normal to be curious (and a bit anxious) about the process. Knowing more about it will help you ease into the treatment program and adapt to it nicely.

Here’s what you should expect during your addiction treatment. 

Meeting with a counselor

The first step in addiction treatment is to meet a medical practitioner or a counselor who will talk to you about your problems and prescribe certain tests to know your physical and mental condition. After getting the results, a personalized plan is created for you, focusing on the aspects you need help with the most.  

Treatment during in-patient rehab

Once the treatment plan is developed and you move into the rehab facility, you have to follow a set structure and rules. There is a fixed schedule for all activities, starting from breakfast to dinner and sleep timings at night. And during the entire day, various treatment therapies and medications are included in your regime. The basic treatment layout for addiction programs is unified for all patients. Here’s how it works:


The first stage of the recovery process is detoxification, wherein all traces of the substance you use are removed from your body. At the facility, detoxification is done under medical supervision, and your doctors can also prescribe medication to help you with withdrawal symptoms and the entire process. Detoxification can last anywhere between 5 to 7 days. 

Counseling and therapies

Once you have recouped from the effects of withdrawal, you can focus on the next stage of your treatment — counseling or therapy sessions, along with other routine activities essential for physical and mental well-being. The most common forms of therapies include:

  1. Group therapy: Group therapies are essential to recovery as they enable you to meet other people who have gone through similar experiences. They allow you to share your feelings and fears without judgment. They are also led by a counselor or therapist who can guide you. 
  1. Individual therapies: Apart from group sessions, you will also attend individual therapy sessions. Individual sessions can be as simple as venting to your therapist, to more complex such as digging deep into your past to find the root causes of your addiction. The therapists also help you develop coping skills, understand your triggers, and create healthy mechanisms to deal with your addiction. 
  • Medications: Depending on your progress and stage of addiction, the doctors will adjust your medicines and doses throughout recovery. 
  • Self-help group: Self-help groups are also an essential part of your treatment. They help you build a support mechanism that will continue to assist you even after you’re out of the rehab facility. 

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