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About Us

Iris Wellness Group, an Addiction Center in Chattanooga, TN

Dedicated to the best individualized care & Support

Iris Wellness Group was formed in 2021 by a team of individuals dedicated to serving the Chattanooga community. Our founding members worked together to design and create Iris Wellness Group, focusing on the need for quality mental health and substance abuse treatment center in the Tennessee area. Our qualified team of clinicians and practitioners have extensive experience at all levels of care ranging from adolescent treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization treatment, medical outpatient detoxification, and residential treatment.

Iris Wellness Group is dedicated to offering the best individualized care and structure to ensure the success of every individual that we care for. Our goal is to align ourselves with each client so we can meet them where they are at and help guide them to achieving their personal goals of their recovery journey

Who We Are

Helping Individuals Recover

Our goal is to help individuals not only recover but also learn to give back to their friends, family, and communities. It is the process of sharing and giving that is the biggest gift that healing provides us with. This is a gift that you do not want to miss. We deal with many broken individuals, and we wish to show them that there is not only grace in the brokenness, but we can find the light of our true selves during our darkest times. Recovery is possible and at Iris Wellness Group you will have an individualized treatment plan, group therapy, and a primary therapist to help guide you to finding your true self and a life worth living.

Our Vision

Iris Wellness Group is dedicated to creating a place of healing and growth for all that we encounter. We aim to create a family atmosphere and an environment that is warm and welcoming to all that walk through our doors.

Our Mission

To serve those that come before us with a healing heart and an open mind. We aim to create an environment where those entering recovery from mental health issues or substance misuse can thrive under our specialized care.

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Our Values

We're Dedicated To Your Recovery


We always work with integrity, sincerity, truthfulness and fairness.


We strive for proficiency and the capability to diligently aid.


We provide care immersed in understanding and sympathy.


We understand that we are working with people and will always show up to serve with standards of humanity, care and dignity.


We consider, acknowledge, and validate each persons’ need for courteousness.


We believe it is critical to meet people where they are at and reinforce their personal needs through working with them.

Our Team

Caring & Compassionate

Kaitlin Harden

Kaitlin Harden


Andy Widota

Andrew Widota

Chief Operations Officer

James Cabble Executive Clinical Director at Iris Wellness Group

James Cabble

Executive Clinical Director

Jeff Duckworth Executive Director at Iris Wellness Group

Jeff Duckworth

Executive Director

Rachel Rutledge, Primary Therapist

Rachel Rutledge, LMSW

Primary Therapist

Alexandra Horan Director of Business Development at Iris Wellness Group

Alexandra Horan

Director of Business Development

Alyssa Kirkpatrick Compliance Officer at Iris Wellness Group

Alyssa Kirkpatrick

Compliance Officer

Duane Metcalf-Case Manager

Duane Metcalf

Case Manager