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Our Drug Treatment & Mental Health Admissions Process

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We recognize that reaching out for help takes a great deal of courage. It is a decision that has the potential to completely change your life for the better. Iris Wellness group recognizes how difficult this action may be and has supportive staff that is ready to guide you through the admissions process. Millions of people struggle under the grasps of addiction and mental health issues each year, do not hesitate to take this critical step to discover a new life that so many fail to experience. If you are reading this for yourself or for a loved one, we admire the courage and strength that it takes to reach out. No matter your financial situation, our experienced and passionate staff are here to guide you through the process to find the help you are seeking. We treat each admission to Iris Healing Center with the most respect and compassion to ensure a smooth transition into our program.
If you are unsure about treatment or don’t understand what you need, call us today! We can share details about our program and express what qualifies a person for treatment. You do not have to do this alone.
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If you are interested and would like to proceed with our program, call today at 423-541-0656. During this phone assessment, our team member will ask questions about your current situation, medical conditions, treatment history, and psychiatric history. Understanding your situation and treatment needs is a vital step to formulating a treatment plan that will best suit you for the duration of our program. Below are some basic criteria that applicants must meet for our program.

We understand that addiction and/or mental health can have a negative impact on the individual suffering but also the family members as well. If you are concerned that you or a family member is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We really look forward to helping and it would be an honor to serve your family in this capacity.

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We Accept Most Major Insurance

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No matter your financial situation we will attempt to help you out. There are resources that are available to those in need. Our program does accept most major insurances which can be extremely helpful in trying to find the right program. If you don’t have insurance or financial support, we will do our best to find a place that will accept you or your loved one. We have connections throughout the community and the southeast that will be willing to support you on this journey to finding recovery.

"Iris Wellness Group is the best addiction treatment center I have ever been to. As someone who has been addicted to drugs for over 10 years, it really takes a toll on your life. Thankfully, I was able to get sober thanks to this amazing facility! I've never experienced anything like it before and would recommend it to anyone looking for help!"

Roger McKinney

"I'm a recovering addict and I've been through it all. I was so scared when I first walked into Iris Wellness Group, but they were so welcoming and understanding. They made me feel like family and helped me through the process of recovery. I'm now five months sober and couldn't be happier!"

Karen Jenkins

"I am so glad I found this place. I was really struggling with addiction and had no idea what to do. The staff was so kind and understanding, they helped me get on the right track. They are not judgmental at all, which is great. I would recommend Iris Wellness Group to anyone who wants to beat addiction!"

Sandra Phillips