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Editorial Medical Review Guidelines

Our Commitment to Content Integrity and Quality

We deeply value the integrity and quality of our online content.

In today’s vast digital landscape, it’s easy to come across information that may seem reliable but originates from unclear and unverified sources. Our commitment to providing dependable medical content that enhances treatment outcomes has never been more vital. We understand that data can be twisted and can mislead even the most discerning individuals.

We’ve crafted a rigorous editorial process to ensure you receive reliable content, deserving of your trust in making healthcare decisions. We’re aware of the abundance of unreliable information available, so we’ve established a robust system rooted in practicality and ethics to deliver only our best.

At Iris Wellness Group, we’re deeply dedicated to treating addiction and mental health. Hence, we maintain the same meticulous standards for our content. Our editorial approach encompasses:

  • Editing Safeguards
  • Core Principles

Focus on Relevant Topics

We concentrate on our primary areas of expertise: mental health, well-being, and addiction treatment. From detailed articles on novel addiction therapies to guidance on maintaining mental health, we’ve got it covered.

Trusted Authors

Our writers undergo thorough screening to ensure quality. We guarantee the provision of factual, objective information, supported by citations from esteemed journals, government entities, or reputable medical research.

Rigorous Review Process

Every content piece is authored by a trustworthy writer, scrutinized by an editor, and then evaluated by a licensed medical professional. Every article undergoes these three rigorous checks.

Our medical reviewers are experts in their field and work closely with writers, ensuring the content reflects the pinnacle of treatment, therapy, and recovery knowledge.

Regular Updates

Medical knowledge evolves, and so does our content. Whether it’s new treatment methodologies or groundbreaking therapies, we continuously update our content library to stay current.

  • Honesty First
    • Your health is our priority. We won’t endorse anything without proven efficacy, even if it means waiting for the science to corroborate.
  • Commitment to Excellence
    • Our ethical standards are high. We pledge to offer content that’s beneficial, pertinent, engaging, unbiased, and respectful to our audience.
  • Open Access
    • We believe vital medical information should be available to all. We don’t hide our content, ensuring you’re not misled by medical myths.
  • Unwavering Accuracy
    • Our dedication is to share vetted, premium content for our clients and their families. Here’s an overview of our content creation and review cycle:
      • Expert content contributors are chosen.
      • Resources are crafted with precision and clarity.
      • All references are from peer-reviewed research or authoritative bodies.
      • Medical content is double-checked for accuracy and safety.
      • Existing content is routinely assessed for relevance and updated accordingly.