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Trauma Therapy
Many people are afraid to relive painful experiences, but trauma therapy requires a surface view of these events and a recognition that you are not defined by your past, nor does your life moving forward need to be dictated by it.
In order to live free of fear and shame, we learn to create that safe space in our lives where we can work through these past experiences without the threat or worry of reliving them. We cannot control what has already happened to us. What we try to teach through our trauma therapy at Iris Wellness Group is that we have to disassociate from the hold we have allowed this trauma to take on our lives.
We don’t expect or wish for our clients to forget the past to move forward, but we do want them to have a healthy relationship with their experiences. Many of our clients involved in one-on-one therapy with a dedicated counselor are often unaware they have past trauma. It’s our job to work comfortably through these past experiences, to touch on the significance they have had in our clients’ lives, and how to understand their impact on their current behaviors.
Many different types of trauma can come from interactions with family members in childhood and adult experiences that have compromised the safe space we have created for ourselves. As we grow and develop into our personalities and habits, these experiences can get in the way of healthy progress. These events can either inhibit personal growth or cause some to build resilience to certain situations. Instability in the family and home is often the root cause of these issues in children, but trauma can come from any number of experiences, such as active combat, grief, sexual abuse as a child or adult, problems at school, and domestic violence, to name a few. These interior struggles can be addressed with trauma therapy at Iris Wellness Group.

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