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Iris Wellness Group, a premier addiction treatment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is beautifully positioned at the scenic foothills of Signal Mountain.

Iris Wellness Group is more than just an addiction treatment center. Recognizing that drug addiction often originates from underlying mental health problems like stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, and low self-esteem, we’ve crafted our programs to treat both addiction and its root causes. Our tranquil environment allows individuals to start a journey toward lasting recovery.

Our specialized programs don’t just address addiction; they empower individuals to thrive in a life free from addiction, making recovery in Chattanooga a real possibility. With structured approaches designed to meet the unique needs of every patient, we offer comprehensive treatment that recognizes addiction’s impact on families and friends.

Whether seeking help for yourself or a loved one, Iris Wellness Group’s addiction treatment in Chattanooga provides the expertise and compassionate care necessary to conquer addiction. We not only offer hope but the tools and support to make recovery a reality. Call us today to start your recovery journey

Drug addiction, or substance use disorder, is a disease affecting the brain and behavior, leading to an uncontrolled use of legal or illegal drugs, including substances like alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine. This addiction often means that the user continues consumption despite harmful consequences.

For some, drug addiction begins with casual use in social situations, while others may become addicted through prescribed medications like opioids, or obtaining them from prescription holders. The speed and risk of addiction vary depending on the drug; opioids, for example, tend to create addiction more quickly.

As the addiction progresses, the individual may require larger doses to achieve the desired effects or even just to feel normal. This increased need may make it very challenging to quit, and an attempt to do so may lead to severe cravings and physical symptoms known as withdrawal symptoms.

Understanding the path to addiction is multifaceted. Some people gradually increase usage from recreational settings, while others might find addiction through medically prescribed paths. The type of drug also plays a role in the risk and rapidity of addiction development.

The journey to recovery is often difficult but not impossible. Assistance from healthcare providers, family, friends, support groups, or an organized addiction treatment program can be instrumental in overcoming drug addiction. Through dedicated effort and support, staying drug-free is an attainable goal, underlining the importance of recognizing addiction as a complex but treatable disorder.

Addiction Treatment in Chattanooga, Tennessee
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Types of Addictions We Treat At Our Addiction Treatment Center in Chattanooga

Disability depression and alcohol abuse concept. Young handicapped man with drink sitting in


If you or someone you care about might be suffering from alcoholism, don’t wait for recovery to start.

Psychologist taking notes during therapy session.


Benzodiazepine addiction treatment can be difficult. Benzodiazepines, commonly referred to as “benzos,” are prescription sedatives.

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Those suffering from cocaine abuse will develop a tolerance and experience withdrawal symptoms when they are not using it.

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Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate, which has been found to be 50-100 times more addictive than morphine.



Heroin is well known as one of the most addictive substances, as someone can feel the need to use it again after just one or two uses.

Mixed-race teenager struggling with alcohol addiction talking to


Kratom is derived from a tree found in Southeast Asia. The leaves of the tree have psychotropic effects, and the drug has been used in areas where the tree grows to improve work ethic and energy.



While marijuana has a reputation of not being addictive, recent data shows otherwise.

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Methamphetamine addiction treatment is one of the many areas Iris Wellness Group effectively treats.

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Prescription Opiates

Opioids are chemicals that are used to reduce pain by affecting opioid receptors on the nerve cells in the brain and body.