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Inpatient Residential Treatment

Inpatient Residential treatment in Chattanooga, Tennessee is a live-in therapeutic community designed to help the individual to rediscover their life through education, group therapy, individual therapy, 12-step groups, and support. This is a healthcare facility, but it usually feels more like a resort. Residential care allows patients to receive 24/7 care, so residential inpatient treatment does there best to offer top-quality treatment and provide a space of comfort to uncover past traumas, discover coping skills, and learn to live a new life.
Residential care is designed specifically with the patient’s comfort in mind. The more comfortable the space, the more willing you will be to work on some of the underlying issues that are fueling the psychological issues, behavioral issues, or substance abuse problems. 
During the process, you will attend groups throughout the day with breaks in-between each hour-long group. You will have induvial sessions with a licensed clinician weekly or as needed during the stay of treatment. You will also have family sessions and most facilities offer family support groups that are designed to educate the family on boundaries, support, co-dependency, self-care, and more. 
3 meals a day that are usually catered in or prepared by an in-house chef. Sleeping arrangements are in semi-private rooms with your own space to enjoy some privacy. Smoking nicotine is usually allowed and given ample breaks throughout the day. Inpatient residential treatment does there best to offer top-quality treatment and provide a space of comfort needed for the patient to thrive.
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The above service is not within The Iris Wellness Group Program. We realize, however, that it is essential to one’s long-term sobriety. If you or a loved one require any services that we do not provide, please let us know and we will try to get you connected with a member of our reputable network of affiliates.

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