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What We Offer

How We Treat

Healing starts with a custom-tailored treatment plan that our multidisciplinary team creates at the beginning of treatment. Our center is a very comfortable and peaceful environment that was designed with healing in mind. We want every individual to have a great and healing experience in our care.

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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy is provided to each patient that participates at Iris Healing Center. This is a type of mental health treatment used in Chattanooga to explore the patients needs through talk or expressive therapy.

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Trauma Focused Therapy

We offer trauma focused therapy to navigate affects that trauma has made on the individuals mental, emotional, physical, behavioral, and spiritual well-being.

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Life & Recovery Coaches

Life coaching and Recovery coaching is provided to help the patients identify areas that need improvement outside of psychotherapy such as goal setting, professional development, personal development, job search, financial guidance, healthy relationships, and action steps towards achieving growth in above areas.

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Life Skills Training

Finance, relationships, self-care, and spiritual development.

Group therapy

Group Therapy

Under the direct care of a licensed therapist or group leader the patients will be able to process current or past issues, complete and share assignments, and perform therapeutic activities as a group creating connection amongst peers.

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Art Therapy

Patients will be able to practice creative self-expression through drawing, painting, or sculpting. This is a fun and creative way for patients to express themselves to the group and licensed clinician.

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Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy is an expansive hands-on approach for clients to reenact or sculpt past or current issues in a therapeutic manor to create healing and understanding on a deeper more impactful level.

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Family Groups & Education

We educate families on mental health disorders, boundaries, crisis prevention, support, self-care, and action-based plans for the family to do their own personal work.

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Grief Therapy

Grief therapy focuses on helping the patient cope with significant loss in their lives.

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Psycho-Educational Groups

We aim to educate patients on consequences of their behavior, coping skills, relapse prevention, and evidence-based approaches that are proven to help people that struggle with mental health issues.

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Medication Management/Education

We offer medication management in Chattanooga, Tennessee for partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programming. We have a psychiatrist and nurse practitioner on staff that will meet each patient to do an evaluation and determine if they need medically assisted treatment.

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Support Groups

We will offer family support groups and aftercare groups to ensure the success of all the patients that grace us with their presence.

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Continuing Care

We have a strong focus on continue care also known as after care. Each patient will start working on their discharge plan and will have a detailed plan by the time of graduation from IOP. This plan will include a relapse prevention plan, a next step plan, a scheduled meeting with a psychotherapist, alumni engagement plan, and a commitment to the maintenance of their newly found recovery.