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How to Help My Daughter with Mental Illness

How to Help My Daughter with Mental Illness

Discovering that your daughter is battling mental illness can provoke a whirlwind of emotions. The storm of worry about her well-being and contemplation on how to extend the requisite support engulfs your thoughts. Although you cannot offer a complete cure, your involvement is quintessential in steering her towards a brighter and healthier future. Recognizing Mental […]

National Recovery Month: Peer Support’s Role in Recovery

Peer Support Role in Recovery, National Recovery Month

In the broad spectrum of recovery, Peer Support emerges as a remarkable force, embodying empathy, trust, and shared experiences. Peer support groups weave a haven of hope for individuals embarking on the turbulent voyage of recovery. The essence of these groups revolves around listening, sharing tales of #LivedExperience, and garnering wisdom from each other. The […]

How to Help My Son with Mental Illness

How to Help My Son with Mental Illness

As a parent, when you discover your son grappling with mental health issues, a myriad of emotions take over—worry for his well-being and concern on how to extend support encapsulate your thoughts. While it’s beyond your capacity to provide a complete cure, your involvement is pivotal in ushering him towards a hopeful and healthier tomorrow. […]

Celebrating National Recovery Month 2023: How Friendship Acts as a Pillar of Support

National Recovery Month

Recovery, regardless of what one is recovering from, is a journey often riddled with challenges, uncertainties, and setbacks. It’s a path that can sometimes feel lonesome and overwhelming. This is where the role of genuine friendship shines the brightest. During National Recovery Month, the emphasis is not just on the process of recovery but also […]

How Long Does Fentanyl Stay In Your System?

How Long Does Fentanyl Stay In Your System?

Fentanyl, a robust synthetic opioid primarily used for managing acute pain, has earned a notorious reputation due to its illicit consumption and association with a rising number of fatal overdoses. Given its strength and the inherent dangers of misuse, understanding its persistence in the body becomes paramount. How Long Does Fentanyl Stay In Your System? […]

What Are the Signs a Teen Needs Therapy?

Teen Therapy

A therapist for your teen should exude empathy, patience, and warmth. Navigating today’s world as a teen is more challenging than ever before. Teen therapy offers a haven where your young one can understand and address the enormous pressures they face daily. From heightened academic demands to dealing with peer dynamics, hormonal changes, bullying, and […]

Equitable Access to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment for All

Equitable Access to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment for All

Every September, the nation comes together to recognize National Recovery Month, an observance that celebrates the gains made by those in recovery. This year, the emphasis is on equitable access to substance abuse and mental health treatment for all individuals. As the diverse tapestry of our society comes into sharp focus, it’s paramount that every […]

How Long is Alcohol Rehab?

How long is alcohol rehab?

When seeking treatment for alcohol addiction, many individuals wonder, “How long is rehab for alcohol?” or “How long is alcohol rehab?” The duration of alcohol rehab varies based on multiple factors, including the severity of addiction and the individual’s response to treatment. At Iris Wellness Group, we offer diverse levels of outpatient rehab programs designed […]

Exploring the Complex Causes of Mental Health Disorders

Understanding Mental Health Disorder Causes

Mental health disorders are pervasive and impactful, affecting millions of individuals globally. The origins of these disorders are intricate, encompassing a blend of biological, environmental, psychological factors, and risk factors. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the underlying causes of mental health disorders, the distinction between trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the efficacy […]