Drug and Alcohol Rehabs: What to Expect During Treatment?

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Drug and alcohol addiction is a common problem in the United States, with over 2 million people suffering from some form of addiction. While substance abuse disorder has no permanent cure, treatment can help break the addiction cycle. When opting for drug or alcohol addiction treatment, it is normal to be curious (and a bit […]

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs: The Importance of Aftercare Programs

Rehab centers in Chattanooga, TN

Addiction is a disease with no cure yet; it can be managed with recovery. Many people consider completing rehab as recovery. However., recovery goes beyond the in-patient treatment at the rehab. You must also enroll in an aftercare program to complete your recovery and avoid relapse. They are an integral part of your recovery journey.  […]

Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Programs for Teens

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Drug abuse is a severe problem for all ages, genders, and ethnicities in the United States. However, young people and teenagers are the most susceptible to it in the country. Every 1 in 8 teenagers uses an illicit substance, and over 62% have abused alcohol by the time they are in their senior year. Being […]

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs: How to Choose the Right One for You

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Substance abuse or addiction can ruin your life if not treated effectively and in time. However, it is a myth that it cannot be treated or is a choice. Drug or alcohol abuse can be treated if you get help from the right place at the right time. Deciding to get help for your addiction […]

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs: The Top 6 Benefits of Going to One

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Drug and alcohol addiction is far more common and severe than most people think. They can lead to severe health problems and even death if not treated promptly. Sadly, there is no cure for addiction, but with proper treatment and rehabilitation, addiction can be managed. Depending on the severity of the condition, addiction can be […]

The Impact of Addiction On Families and Friends

Impact of Addiction On Families and Friends

Addiction is a disease that can wreak havoc in an individual’s life. However, some silent sufferers also take the brunt of this disease. They are most often the family members, friends, and loved ones of the addict. Many loved ones suffer from emotional and sometimes even physical trauma when dealing with an addict and may […]

The Importance of Support In Addiction Recovery

Support In Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is a long and worn-out process in which you can adopt different treatment methods. The treatment method depends on your condition and your choices. However, the need for a support system remains common across all treatment methods. Recovering from addiction alone is challenging, and people often give up quickly without a solid support […]

The Challenges of Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Over 23 million Americans suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, and every 1 in 10 people needs treatment to recover. However, most people don’t reach out for help due to fear or lack of money for the treatment. Fear of failure and the inability to stop using is the most common. Understanding what you or […]

The Benefits of Addiction Recovery

Benefits of Addiction Recovery

Overcoming your drug addiction is probably the hardest thing you can do. Going through withdrawal and relapses can test the strongest wills. However, whenever you want to get clean, thinking of the benefits can help you stay motivated and refuel your resolve to stay on the path to recovery. Before you enter our Chattanooga drug […]

Different Stages of Addiction Recovery You Need to Know

Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is a long-drawn-out process, and each individual faces unique challenges. However, there are certain stages that everyone passes during their recovery journey. Knowing more about these stages can help you or your loved one face the addiction process with better insights and strength.  Read on to know more about the stages of addiction […]