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10 Common Behavioral Addictions


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Addiction to painkillers, drug addiction, overdose, suicide and antidepressants
Behavioral addictions are non-substance addictions that can be treated. They are getting recognized, and many people are seeking treatment for them. They are challenging to identify and may seem like harmless everyday actions.

Some common behavioral addictions are:

  1. Risky behavior addiction- You may want to go on dangerous and adventurous activities to experience that excitement and rush. You may regularly indulge in activities that involve risk. The thrill releases the same chemicals as addictive drugs.
  2. Food addiction- Binge eating is a real issue. It is difficult to identify it. You may eat to feel better, overeat while alone, or feel guilty after binge eating. The leading cause of food addiction is depression.
  3. Plastic surgery addiction- You may feel that you look ugly. Therefore, you may go under the knife repeatedly to look a specific way. Your doctor may tell you that it can harm you. But still, you may look for a plastic surgeon continuously until you find one who agrees to treat you.
  4. Video game addiction- You may stick to that game console all the time. You may even begin to think of the gaming world as reality. You can even get violent if someone tries to stop you from playing. This addiction is common in men and boys and can be treated with counseling and behavior modifications.
  5. Internet addiction- Internet usage certainly has many benefits, but it can be an addiction too.  You may lose your control and over-consume scrolling the internet.  Many people find themselves spending over five or more hours on the web each day. It affects the brain tremendously.
  6. Sex addiction- You may think about sex all day and indulge in sexual activities like watching porn or masturbating. You may not have self-control and not think about consequences.
  7. Shopping addiction- You may shop to feel happy or feel guilty afterward. Your closet may be full of unused clothes. But it can be dangerous for you financially and personally if it goes out of control. It is common in women and involves treatments like counseling and behavioral therapy.
  8. Gambling addiction- It may begin as a means of entertainment. It affects the same parts of the brain as drug addiction does. You may continue to indulge in gambling, even if you are incurring losses. It can damage your personal life and your finances.
  9. Exercise addiction- You may be devoting too much time to exercising and not focus on other things in your life, like your family. You may continue to exercise even if your health is not okay.
  10. Chocolate addiction- You can have a sweet tooth and like chocolates a lot. However, you may be consuming too much chocolate. You may even increase your everyday intake of chocolate and replace your meals with chocolate products like shakes or cakes.

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